• “Labour is furiously, passionately, aggressively pro-business” – Tristram Hunt

    But we need Labour MP’s and councillors who are “firmly, resolutely, uncompromisingly pro-working class!” The one and only Tristram Hunt MP graced us with his presence today at our campaign stall in Hanley. As you would expect, we were slightly surprised by this unusual development. We were all wondering as he approached us. Is he […]

  • Huge backing for Corbyn in Stoke!

    Over the last week we have witnessed in Stoke-on-Trent the fundamental chasm that exists between the Blairite right-wing representing the big business establishment and the anti-austerity and socialist movement that’s developing behind Jeremy Corbyn in the battle for Labour leader. Last week: Supporter of big business, turned ‘socialist’ within 24 hours Owen Smith sneaked into Stoke […]

  • Calling all Corbynistas! Lets ‘paint the town red’

    JEREMY CORBYN IS COMING TO STOKE! Hanley 1pm on Thursday 1st September . With Jeremy Corbyn MP, leader of the Labour Party Maxine Penkethman (CWU & Stoke South CLP) Andrew Fox-Hewitt (FBU & Newcastle-u-Lyme CLP) Shakira Rosenau (Young Labour & Stoke South CLP) Clare White (WEA & Stoke North CLP) This rally will happen at […]