• General election Now! Get rid of the red Tories!

    Stoke Socialist Party’s campaign for a general election went to Newcastle today. The need for a general election was supported by most people we spoke to. People who had voted to leave the EU signed our petition along with those who had voted to remain which clearly demonstrates a desire to unite to get rid […]

  • Stafford Socialists campaign for a general election – say NO to a Tory coronation!

    Socialist Party members and supporters were out in Stafford on Saturday campaigning for a general election to get rid of all the Tories. David Cameron is a gonner but the Tories are planning a coronation with the leadership of the country passed from one former Etonian to another. This is totally undemocratic and we want […]

  • Working class revolt against the establishment defeats bosses EU! – Now to get rid of the Tories!

    Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire vote to leave the EU! LEAVE REMAIN Stoke-on-Trent      69.4%  (81,563)     30.6%  (36,027) Newcastle      63%     (43,457)     37%      (25,477) Stafford      56%     (43,386)     44%      (34,098) Staffs Moorlands 64.7% (38,684)             35.3% (21,076)      The ruling class and their friends in big business across Europe have been dealt a massive blow by the […]