What happens when your flight gets delayed because of a strike?

Flight cancelled because of air company strike

Strikes often happen in the air travel industry where employees know that airline companies can lose a lot of money on grounded plains if they do not meet their demands. If your flight has been delayed because of a strike, you should know your rights and how to claim compensation for the inconveniences you experience.

What the airline owes you during a strike

Flight delays occur all the time, and quite often companies claim technical problems for their planes not leaving or landing on time. However, when a strike is a reason for your flight’s delay, the company is responsible for your well-being for the entire duration of the strike especially if you are stuck in an airport terminal.

Under the terms and obligations policy, the airline may supply you with food, free accommodation and free access to means of communication. However, it will depend on the nature of the strike if you can claim your money back or not. Most airlines consider strikes to be part of the extraordinary circumstances category, for which they rarely offer passenger compensation.

Ask for these rights when a strike delays your flight

If a sudden strike has just mandated that your next plane remains on the ground and you get stuck in the airport, you should ask for:

  • Two free phone calls or emails
  • Two meals and refreshments
  • Free hotel accommodation

According to the passenger rights bill, you are entitled to these benefits if your flight is delayed for more than three hours, and its route is longer than 932 miles.

Demand these rights if the strike cancels your flight

In some cases, your passenger rights can come under the protection of the Denied Board Regulations, which will force the airline to provide you with additional rights and compensation for your inconvenience.

For example, if the strike occurs during your flight, and you land mid-way through on an airport that is not your chosen destination, the airline must pay for your flight back to the airport of departure or refund you in full on the spot.

Additionally, you are entitled to ask for a re-route of your flight, if the strike occurs before the plane takes off and your flight gets canceled. The airline company is forced to offer you a flight to your initial destination at the soonest possible time, and once the strike ends.

How to claim compensation if a strike delays your flight

If your flight is delayed because of a strike, you may cancel your trip altogether and ask for a full refund. The airline is forced to give you the money back if your flight has remained grounded for more than five hours and the company does not issue an official cancellation notification during this time.

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